Hello 👋

I’m a French person working in Machine Learning, and more specifically, NLP/IR.

I’m currently doing R&D at a really cool place named Answer.AI, where every quest is a side-quest and scope-creep is encouraged.

My main areas of interest are AI applications, very broadly defined, and “lightweight” (in this era, this means <1B params) models.

By AI applications, I mean figuring out way of working around existing tools, of which LLM are a key aspect, in order to build systems and libraries that are useful for the end user. Sub-1B models, I think are a key aspect of this, because they allow us to build systems that are useful for the end user, and are also lightweight to deploy.

I’m also (obviously) very interested in retrieval, which I see as a subpart of the two areas above: I want to build retrieval techniques that fit very well within end-to-end systems.

I sometimes take on advisory work in those areas (e.g. RAG). If you’re interested, feel free to reach out via email.